How Tinkerton Began

We are Amy and Charles Wood and we started Tinkerton together. We are both mechanical engineers (Amy even has a PhD!) and we love designing products.
We have two daughters and we are trying to fill the world with the kind of toys we want them growing up with: gender-neutral toys that support the development of their creativity and reasoning skills. We believe that in this digital age, kids need as many chances to have physical experiences as they can get. Screens are everywhere and digital toys are becoming the norm, but simple toys made from natural materials can help kids stay grounded in the physical world. Wooden toys like these allow kids to use their imaginations and play like they did in the good ol' days. This kind of play promotes skills that are valuable for physical and emotional development.
When we first became parents, we had such a hard time finding toys that were open-ended, gender-neutral, and beautiful. We loved the idea of wooden toys but most were either out of our price range or were made of a soft wood we knew wouldn't last. We searched for a great set of wooden blocks that weren't covered in characters and that fit our budget. We simply couldn't find them, so we designed our own! Now we are excited to share them with you, along with our latest creations. We hope your family loves them too!